So here we are - a newly formed group of like-minded women who want to change the world over a glass (or two) of wine. We are all closet feminists, who have stood by quietly in outrage at the blatant hypocrisy, inequality and general rubbishness of the treatment of women. Concerned about being labelled butch, man-hating lesbians if we dare declare our status as feminists, it took one woman to stand up and say "Oi! Haven't we had enough of this rubbish? Aren't we gorgeous women who happen to be intelligent, successful and politically informed? We have STUFF to say! Let's be heard!"

And it was thus that the Triangle was born. All hail the Triangle *bows*

So what's the plan? Erm...right now it would seem that a group of women will descend upon the bars of London and get royally drunk while putting the world to rights, throwing in some intellectualism by attending art galleries, seminars and whatnot before the drinking session. There's got to be a balance, right? Right??

The Triangle is a safe, warm and fuzzy place for us women to meet. What happens in the Triangle stays in the Triangle. It is there that we will celebrate our femaleness without shame, apology nor embarrassment. Heck, we'll even flash our granny pants and nod solemnly in mutual understanding at the horrors and pitfalls of skimpy knickers.

Here's to the future of the great and mighty Triangle *clinks glass and hics*