Tracy Emin: Love is What You Want - 30th July 2011 - 6.30pm

BSL Tour of Tracy Emin's retrospective exhibition. It will be at 6.30pm at the Hayward Gallery. Please see link for details.


Double Lives - 5th August 2011 - 7pm

BSL Presentation about feminist artists including the Guerilla Girls. it will be held at 7pm at the Tate Modern. Please see link for details.


A Woman Killed by Kindness - 19th August 2011 - 7.30pm

A captioned play about the lives of two women and how they are affected by the actions of men around them. The first play of its time to show domestic violence of any kind, and it was written by a woman. Please see link for more information.


In the meantime, please request to be a member of the Facebook group for Triangle (link on the Contact Us page) - up-to-date events will be posted on there. Alternatively, email us at


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